Sri Lankan Group of Radio 4EB

Gallege and Shiran at Rehearsal (06/08/2004)

Chorus-in-waiting (06/08/2004)


Back room discussion during rehearsal (06/08/2004)

Rehearsal at Sarath's (06/08/2004)

Singing "Bandare" (07/08/2004)

Ha Haa Haa Haa


Victor with the chorus

Kasuri's address after "Sa" (07/08/2004)

Workshop in progress at the Radio Station (07/08/2004)

On the way to O'Rileys Mountains (07/08/2004)

Kasuri with a real bird! - O'Rileys Mountains (09/08/2004)

Kasuri with two birds!

At The studio (07/08/2004)


Live radio with Kasuri (07/08/2004)

Paduru party at Jayantha's (??/08/2004)

Kasuri in action (??/08/2004)

Action packed singing!

Sombre mood at the farewell speech (??/08/2004)

The day before Thisara left for Sri Lanka (??/7/2004)

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